JUCE 5 Linux / recompiling headers / Makefile encoding


I just started to use JUCE5 on Linux.

Launching Projucer was at first a bit surprising (only a tiny part of the window was used to login, sorry i did not take a screenshot), but manageable finally (clicking aside)

I have one question and one remark.

  • is it possible to activate in the Makefile produced by Projucer the automatic recompilation of modified header files (like it was in JUCE4) ? I have a couple of header only files ending with .hpp but i need to “make clean; make;” each time i modify them, which feels quite cumbersome.

  • seems like Linux Makefile have DOS line ends, which was not the case before (JUCE4), not quite sure if this really matters…


Same problem. It’s actually a bug in Projucer, which writes wrong -include statements in the makefiles. Also reported here:



Thanks! I’ll look into this and update the github issue once it’s fixed.


This is now fixed on develop.


many thanks! works perfectly.