JUCE applications on Linux take a long time to start

JUCE applications on Linux (Debian) take a long time to start. Why? Is it okay?

I don’t think it is OK. On Ubuntu 20.04 my app starts faster than on macOS.

Do you have a lots of font installed ? Just wondering if it might be a similar issue: Slow startup due to font enumeration (very old post, though, so I could be wrong)


May be. I installed additional fonts.

The program takes a long time to start when first start it after restarting computer. Then it starts up quickly. It also happens when the code is rebuilt.

It‘s probably a good idea to launch your app under a profiler to get to the bottom of where excactly the long startup time is spent. Intel VTune is pretty easy to use if you are on x86_64

I saw such behavior with PipeWire running. Do you have it?

Yes, but I didn’t install it myself. Such a long start is somehow chaotic.

user@debian:~$ pipewire --version
Compiled with libpipewire 0.3.19

It looks like the problem is really because of the fonts. The ‘noto’ fonts in these folders combined weighed over 700 MB. I removed them and the launch became fast.