JUCE ARA_Library missing

When I open juce_ARA_utils.h its missing the ARA Library. When I try to build solution it obviously doesn’t work. Any advice? I’m on Windows 10

You have to clone the ARA SDK: JUCE/ARA.md at master · juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub.

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I installed it and specified the path in CMakesList.txt and still get the same error. I tried to specify the absolute file path in juce_ARA_utils.h but get errors from a bunch of other files that use the ARA library

You can link your plugin with the juce::juce_ara_headers library (using target_link_libraries()). Or you can simply use target_include_directories(YourPlugin PRIVATE "Path/To/ARA_SDK").

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@attila If we define juce_set_ara_sdk_path(...) and juce_add_plugin(... IS_ARA_EFFECT TRUE), the plugin should be linked automatically with the juce::juce_ara_headers library?

That’s correct. No way to say for sure what could be the problem here, so just one guess: was the recursive option used when cloning th ARA SDK? Also it could be worth a shot to test using the Projucer instead to generate the project. In this case the ARA SDK path must be specified in Preferences → Global Settings…

In my case, I use git clone --recursive on the project. If I manually link against juce::juce_ara_headers or if I add target_include_directories(YourPlugin PRIVATE "Path/To/ARA_SDK"), it works fine. So I doubt that’s the problem. I’ll try with the Projucer but I think it is related to the way the juce_ara_sdk and the juce_ara_headers are created and managed by Juce:

The included directories are well-defined and the compilation succeeds if I do:


But not, if do as specified in the doc ARA.md:


It seems to me that in the first case, juce_ara_sdk is created before juce_ara_headers. And of course, we can’t put juce_set_ara_sdk_path(${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/ARA_SDK) before add_subdirectory(JUCE).

Thank you, this is solid information. I will take a closer look early next week to see if there’s a problem with juce_set_ara_sdk_path.

Are you trying to build an extra or example provided by JUCE?

I’m sorry, I’m just guessing here, because I haven’t been able to repro the issue yet.

I don’t think this can be tested with the extra or examples provided by JUCE because the examples are configured with JUCE (so it requires -DJUCE_GLOBAL_ARA_SDK_PATH="Path/To/ARA_SDK" or set(JUCE_GLOBAL_ARA_SDK_PATH "Path/To/ARA_SDK") but in this case, we would like to use juce_set_ara_sdk_path(Path/To/ARA_SDK) . Here is a very basic CMake example:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.16)

juce_set_ara_sdk_path("Path/To/ARA_SDK")  # doesn't seem to work

    VERSION                     1.0.0
    DESCRIPTION                 "MySuperPlugin"
    IS_SYNTH                    FALSE
    IS_MIDI_EFFECT              FALSE
    PLUGIN_CODE                ...
    FORMATS                     AU VST3
    PRODUCT_NAME                "MySuperPlugin"
    AU_MAIN_TYPE                kAudioUnitType_Effect
    VST3_CATEGORIES             Fx
    IS_ARA_EFFECT               TRUE

file(GLOB_RECURSE MySuperPluginSource Source/*.cpp Source/*.h)
target_sources(MySuperPlugin PRIVATE ${MySuperPluginSource})

target_link_libraries(MySuperPlugin PRIVATE 
    # juce::juce_ara_headers // necessary to compile

target_link_libraries(MySuperPlugin PUBLIC

I can create a real project to share with you if necessary.

Your CMake example is correct and I can use it to compile source files taken from a Projucer generated empty ARA plugin on Windows and MacOS.

I can even include ARA Library headers directly in a separate .cpp file, so it’s not even the case of a missing include through which ARA classes would be included.

It would be good to see an example project with a concrete error message.

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I might have done something wrong with CMake or mixed up things :person_facepalming: I’m sorry. I’ll create a clean and simple project to check that.