JUCE Based VST Plug-ins in Edius


Does anybody have any experience with VST plug-ins written with JUCE in the video editing application “Edius”? It seems as if all VST plug-ins written in JUCE cause Edius to crash when you close the plug-in settings window during playback, including the JuceDemoPlugin. I have tried with the latest JUCE version from GIT. The crash is in messageWndProc in juce_Win32_Messaging. Debugging is unfortunately difficult, because Edius seems to have a piracy protection mechanism that causes the application to crash when a debugger is attached.

Stian (Acon Digital)

First time I’d ever heard of Edius! But in a case like this where you’re talking about a huge proportion of all plugins, which work fine in dozens of other hosts, and fail in one pretty obscure host, it’s definitely something you should ask Edius to look at.

Thanks for your quick reply, Jules! The Edius developers have been informed, so I’ll await their response. I was just hoping for some additional clues on where the problem lies. Video editing applications are very interesting to us (even though some of the host aren’t well known in the audio world :slight_smile: ) since there is a demand for noise reduction plug-ins such as ours in video post production.