Juce crashes with vst3 "The Sauce"

Juce pluginhost 6 and 7 both crash immediately when attempting to show gui of vst3 plugin “The Sauce”.
Daw which uses juce, does the same thing.
Tested in non-juce daws, they load the plugin normally.

On which OS is this a problem?

Windows 10, 11

Before showing the window, the AudioPluginHost calls hasEditor to check whether the plug-in has an editor to display. For VST3 plug-ins, the only way to know whether the plug-in has an editor is to actually create the editor, and then to check whether this operation succeeded.

It looks like the crash happens when destroying this short-lived editor. The actual crash happens inside the plug-in, so I believe the issue is in the plug-in code, rather than in the hosting code.

I’d recommend filing a bug report with the manufacturer of this plug-in.

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If the fault is with the plugin, then why do all the non-juce daws, load this plugin normally?
In that case, what are the non-juce daws doing that seems to bypass whatever issue is causing the crash?

I guess those DAWs are not creating and then immediately destroying the plug-in editor, but a well-behaved plug-in should be able to handle this situation.

If I avoid destroying the editor, then I can get JUCE to open and display it. I think this indicates that the problem is in the editor’s destructor. Removing the destructor call isn’t a good fix in general, though, because it will lead to resource leaks.


So what can be done about it?

File a bug report with the plug-in developer, and hopefully they’ll fix the bug.

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I have now filed a report.


I’ve also reported the issue, and included a link to this thread. I’ll post an update if I hear anything back.

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