JUCE Demo Camera Capture

Hi all,
Just found JUCE and been trying to figure out how it works… complex in itself!
My intention is to display a video feed through a usb capture device, and i know this is all functional using the windows apps/directshow etc. however i wanted to try with JUCE so i can just use one library etc…
Anyway, this causes a problem, as from what i can see, the JUCE demo should support a webcam video display on windows.
However, the code doesnt compile on VS2010, as the code seems to be commented out, yet i dont know why or where it is defined (i.e.: there must be something hardware specific that JUCE has commented out, but i cant find out where…)
Please any assistance for this would be great.

You probably need to enable the JUCE_USE_CAMERA flag in your introjucer project - I think it might be disabled by default.

so how do i enable that in the JUCE demo app?

thanks for the screen shot, muchos help.
However, how do i then update the projects? i click save, save as and save project yet the time stamps on the data dont change… slightly confused! and i now get build errors in the project… (the .sdf) file was the only one to change.

tres confused!

to clarify, the error i get from visual studio is this:
Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘…/juce_core/native/juce_BasicNativeHeaders.h’: No such file or directory c:\users\chris\desktop\git\juce\juce\extras\jucedemo\jucelibrarycode\modules\juce_video\juce_video.cpp 39

Referring to the #include in juce_video.cpp
the auto complete i have on indicates that this is the right path and the file is there… so… yehhh,
sorry if i seem out of my depth, just i learn by looking at examples, and i cant see how it works!


I have JUCE demo running on my Mac with the camera working, but was hoping to use the camera on the iPad/iPhone through JUCE but the support for that seems to be unimplemented. I was hoping to avoid dealing directly with the camera, Is iOS and Android camera support in the works for JUCE or should I roll my own?

I’m too busy to have time to look at it myself any time soon, but if you wanted to have a stab at implementing it, I could help sanity-check and merge your code if you want?

Jules, okay, looking at iOS camera API’s and capabilities and JUCE’s implementation of camera support, seeing what it would take to add it to JUCE and what impedance mismatches their might be. Glad you are back on Traction and understand why you are super busy. I have a Mackie mixer and loved using Traction 3 until it was discontinued, and have since focussed on Reason and Abelton, but am considering working with Traction again now that it is being revived :smiley: