New feature: cameras!

I’ve just checked in some code to add support for live capture from webcams - please have a go and let me know what you think!

It’s disabled by default because to build it on windows requires some bodges to the win32 headers (…you can read my comment about this in juce_win32_NativeIncludes.h), but you can enable it with the JUCE_USE_CAMERA config, and I’ve added a new page to the demo app to let you play with it. Enjoy!

Great news :shock:

Do you need to add to the repo?

Or remove it from the project?


[quote=“Bruce Wheaton”]Do you need to add to the repo?

Or remove it from the project?


Doh! Sorry, I knew I’d forgotten something - it’s there now!

I hate to be ‘that guy’… but CameraDemo.cpp too please!


Ahem… yes, hopefully that was the last one.

Very cool!
We were using the old Quicktime way of capturing on the mac, very bad and very slow. We’ll soon give it a go to see how it performs.

BTW, do you know in what kind of mess you can are get yourself when starting to support DShow video capture :wink:
Trust me it’s hell!

Very impressive :smiley:

hi geekie, is possible to see the soft you made with video capture ?

Something for tracking ?



We support video capture in our VJ Software.

Great. Recently, I div to read the juce code, it’s a good functionality about video capture.

I want to implement a video conference application using it.

So I try to using the h264 to encoder and decoder the video stream.


Thank you jules.