OTish: Video Capture

any of the locals done any video capture work?

it’s just been added to my task list!

I know about DirectShow, but I’m a lazy bastard who’s looking for the EASIEST solution. What about quicktime? or anything else out there?

if anyone knows anything about this stuff, please help! only just started looking into it myself.

any plans for video capture jules?

No plans to add it myself, though I’m sure you can do it with quicktime…

Please see here for minimal directshow code.

I would be interested with some DirectShowComponent too.

Depending on what you have to do (and mainly the time you have), I would go for an ActiveX component (some work has been done already), and then host a VLC player. VLC is able to use a dshow://something as URL, and is high configurable unlike QT.

Of course, both DirectShow and ActiveX are not the way to go for crossplatformness.

I added video capture to my project using the OpenCV library from Intel. It’s not as nice as JUCE, but it is cross-platform and pretty easy to use. I would love to see video capture added to JUCE eventually though, as I really don’t need any of the computer vision capabilities of OpenCV, which are its main part. However, I understand Jules’s reluctance, considering it’s a pretty big area for probably quite a small crowd, so I’ll stick with OpenCV for now.