JUCE developer wanted for established movie postproduction apps

We’re looking for a skilled C++/JUCE developer to help with development of our (Mac-only) apps Video Sync 5 (www.video-sync.com) and ADR Master 2 (www.adr-master.com). This is a part time position.

Both apps are video players at their core with a custom video engine and many more features than just plain video playback. Audio playback, waveform processing etc is also involved but this is not the main objective of our app.

I’m the owner of the company and I have been the sole developer for the last 10 years. There have been freelancers involved for some parts but it was mostly all me so far. We have reached a point where I just need help with every day development tasks. The applicant will hence work with an existing code base and just help working on the projects. Adding new features, working on improvements and also bug fixes.

What the applicant should have:

  • Ability to write robust code using modern C++, JUCE
  • Ability to work on an existing codebase consisting of several frameworks
  • Experience with Git
  • Proficiency in Xcode and Mac development in general
  • A basic understanding of movie postproduction workflows is a plus, but not a must
  • Ideally the applicant also knows our apps and understands the user groups using them

If that sounds interesting to you, please drop us a message with your name, CV/references and your hourly rate. We’ll do our best to get back to you quickly and we’re happy to discuss more details through Skype, Slack or similar.

Best regards,

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