JUCE font rending a bit blurry and size doesn't match sketch app

I have a reference GUI I generated using sketch.

I have a few text buttons that just Arial at size 13 (plain).

When I override the drawButtonText() function in my L&F with Arial/13.0f/plain the text is blurrier than my drawing in sketch, and the font size is smaller. The custom L&F method IS being called.

Any ideas? Quite frustrated… because I’ve invested a lot of time developing a UI that I thought would translate in a very straightforward way.

Using a QHD screen with MacOS.

Update: enabling JUCE_DISABLE_COREGRAPHICS_FONT_SMOOTHING in the Projucer helped quite a bit, but it’s still not quite as sharp as my graphics editor.

Font sizes in JUCE appear to be about 2 points smaller for some reason.

Any clues I’d be very grateful. This doesn’t seem like it should be a problem.

It’s always a struggle to get 100% matched graphics between design programs and any environment.

I suspect however that your font issues could be that there are two methods of setting font sizes:


from my experience withPointHeight is always what works with my (Figma) designs.

but – you also need to choose a correct cross platform font with will render the same on Mac & Windows.

I’ve once gotten all the way to end the of a plugin only to realize that the font handling difference between Mac / windows created huge issues in alignment.

I would also check that earlier rather than later.

The difference between what a “point” is vs what a regular height is I never figured out :sweat_smile:

Helpful! Thank you.

I was quite shocked at how much crisper things look once I disabled the COREGRAPHICS_FONT_SMOOTHING… it looks really blurry compared to other text in any other program with it enabled.