JUCE for graphics / music visualization?

I’ve created a prototype for a music visualizer using a C++ library openFrameworks.

I want to now build a very simple standalone application around it with some basic DAW features (MIDI / audio track import, transport controls, parameter controls) and am considering JUCE for this.

  1. Is this a good idea (to incorporate JUCE for this) or should I keep using openFrameworks?

  2. Is it possible to import my openFrameworks work into a JUCE project?

  3. If I use JUCE and skip openFrameworks altogether, is it practical to use JUCE for this? I see JUCE uses OpenGL. However, openFrameworks is an OpenGL wrapper, which abstracted away my need to learn OpenGL and simply focus on C++, so I’d rather not learn OpenGL since openFrameworks works well for my needs.

Thanks in advance!

  1. JUCE can use OpenGL, but you don’t have to. it uses the native software renderer if you don’t build around the OpenGLRenderer classes.

no idea about the other two questions.

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Is the native software renderer fast enough for real time music visualization? Basically I want to render a bunch of 2D shapes and designs

Try it and see. Use your profiler to see if you need to optimize it, switch to a different renderer (openGl) or use a different framework altogether. No one but you knows how complicated the graphics are that you’re trying to render.