JUCE hex Colour

Hello users of Juce. I have a question. I use multiple operating systems and Juce behaves differently on them. In El Capitan and High Sierra, when I hover my mouse over the color hex, a window pops up and I see the color I want to apply to the object, but this does not happen in Catalina, Ventura, or Windows 10. Can anyone tell me, how can i fix this feature. Because it’s so convenient.
Thank you in advance for your response.

What you describe seems not rely on the OS or even juce. Which Ide or editor do you use?

6.1.2 in Catalina and High Sierra, 7.0.5 in Ventura and Windows. But when I used older versions of Juce in Windows, the pop-up window did not appear either. It seems to me that it is necessary to include some function in the OS.

In which software? Your IDE or are you talking about the GUI Editor in Projucer (which is deprecated)?

Do you talk of the ColorSync Utility?

It seems indeed to be the case, that the colour picker shows red for anything outside the window.
My personal guess it is related to the security feature that messed up the round corners of popup menus.

It happens for all windows, so it is definitely not juce related.

I’m guessing you’re talking about the JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT feature used in the Projucer?

The docs say

In a release build, this macro disappears and is replaced by only the constant that it
wraps, but if JUCE_ENABLE_LIVE_CONSTANT_EDITOR is enabled, it injects a class wrapper
that automatically pops-up a window containing an editor that allows the value to be
tweaked at run-time.

So it may be that you’re building a Release build and haven’t set that macro.

I think we need @Vladkin to actually tell us what exactly is the issue, because we’re all just pulling at straws trying to guess what is the problem! :joy:

That’s what I have in El Capitan.

On other systems, I can’t see the popup window and stupidly change the color of an object by moving the slider.
Agree that it is very convenient to choose a color.

So it’s in Projucer?


I think this editor in Projucer is deprecated. 100% for the sure the GUI editor has been deprecated, I seem to also remember (but not 100% certain) that the editor is also being deprecated.

If you’re using VSCode or CLion as your IDE they both have colour pickers built in that can be used to similar effect.

this happens in all versions of Juce (6.x) that El Capitan supports.

OK, I think still nothing can be done about it, JUCE 6 is no longer supported (except in the case of hideous bugs that were already a problem in JUCE 6, in exceptional circumstances you have the right to backport from JUCE 7 should you not have a JUCE 7 license iirc, but I am not a lawyer, neither am I qualified to state that as fact, just something I think I read in the EULA before).