Jucer Colour keyboard entry broken?

I’m having a problem with entering values in the color picker of the jucer from the 1.53 release. The textbox left of the slider that controler r/g/b or a will let me highlight the current number when I click it, but I can’t change the value.

Another problem I think is related is when i do Slider::showEditor(), I don’t get keyboard focus. Even when grabbing the keyboard focus before and after the call. This behavior is present on both PC and Mac. Here’s the code:

trackNameLabel->grabKeyboardFocus(); trackNameLabel->setEditable(true, true, false); trackNameLabel->showEditor(); trackNameLabel->grabKeyboardFocus(); jassert(getCurrentlyFocusedComponent() == trackNameLabel);

The funny thing is that the jassert doesn’t get triggered, so we appear to have focus but we don’t in fact.