JUCE Library Code & JUCE AU Wrapper causing linker error in Xcode 6.x

I have used the Introjucer to create audio plugins, but it creates a set of files in the Juce Library Code directory and duplicates in the Juce AU Wrapper subdirectory.  It's been giving me linker errors all evening in XCode 6.x , how can i resolve this?   Is it a tweak inside Introjucer or is it a case of modifying the file in XCode?  I did manage to build by deleting the JUCE AU Wrapper directory but that seems like the wrong move...

Thanks in advance



You don't need to have the old Apple CoreAudio files any more - the introjucer will sort all that out for you if you re-save and re-build. Maybe you've added your own references in the project to the Apple files or something?

Thankyou Jules, I deleted all JUCE files, removed the CoreAudio folder from XCode, securely emptied the trash can, re-cloned JUCE from git, built the Introjucer for OSX 10.9 and then followed the tutorial.  I've now been able to build the tutorial.  



Had the same problem here.... 

Resaving and rebuilding didn't help!

Looks like moving to the very-very-latest tip and rebuilding introjucer seems to have shuffled things into place though...

Yeah, you'll need the latest version of introjucer and the modules, because it has all been updated to know about the new location of these files.