Juce NDK on Android

Hi, I’m new with JUCE but I had experience with Audio in Android. I’m interested to start using Juce for my iOS and Android apps, but Android has a lot of latency, even more if you work at high level. So I was wondering if JUCE work at NDK level and if it use OPENSL. Also I would like to know if JUCE has latency improvements compared with other framworks.

Yep, we use openSL, and we work closely with the Google Android audio team to make sure that we offer the best possible latency that the platform can support.

Do you have a list of android devices in which JUCE has a professional audio performance (latency < = 20 ms) ?

Android calls this pro audio devices. See the Android CDD:


Anyone tried Superpowered cross-platform low-latency lib ?

For the record, Superpowered does not have better latency than juce. Like I said, we worked with the guys at Google to make sure that’s true.

Sorry, Jules. I should have expected as much :slight_smile: