Where are we with low latency for Android

I know in theory, low latency is possible for Android. That’s if you use this interface, and purchase these expensive drivers, or if you use this rare operating system.

Where are we at, REALISTICALLY, with making a low latency synth/sample library for Android?

Have you seen this?

Might give an perspective (it’s Google’s/Android’s own developers). Although, of course, they have to solve hard problems such as faking input to the Android screen every now and then to avoid the system throttling the processor down (at 9:22 in the video :slight_smile: )

Latency is very good on high-end devices (i.e. ones marked as supporting “Android Pro Audio”).

I guess that if you’re still hearing FUD from somewhere, the Android guys aren’t doing a very good job of communicating that. You might also want to watch the Android audio team’s talks at ADC last month: