JUCE not pullable

just tried to pull the latest develop, but the projucer file was still from 20.01.2022.
then i downloaded the files manually from github and it correctly said that the file is from 30.06.2022, so i built the projucer, but then it said it was still JUCE 7.0.0, so I removed all JUCE files and pulled the repo again, but same outcome. I’m kinda stuck on 7.0.0 now.

it’s the same on my computer and on my laptop so i suppose it’s not a bug of my machines. could it be that you kinda… forgot to push the updated projucer or something? but then how come that happened with so many changes? that’s weird

I haven’t checked, but chances are that the juce7 became the new develop branch. That means your local develop tracks now a dead end.
If that is the reason there is an easy solution:

# switch away from develop
git checkout master
# delete your local develop branch
git branch -D develop
# fetch the remote develop branch
git fetch origin develop
# switch to your new develop branch
git checkout develop

Hope that helps

i’m using the programm “fork” to handle git.

we can see here that develop is in fact the branch with the latest changes and also that i’m currently suppsoed to be on develop. since i also tried to manually copy the files at some point we can also rule out that this application caused the problem

I haven’t used that program, so I don’t know how to read the output.
But in git you can have locally an entirely different branch under the same name.

In case it helps, when I type git pull origin develop I get exactly the commit you see in your program.

I also think a malfunction is the least likely. What I described is a hypothesis, you can easily verify or falsify by typing those four commands, but it’s up to you.

If you don’t have local modifications you want to keep, the worst that could happen is to clone fresh.

i tried your lines in gitbash and the console responded to all commands in a way that seems to be working correctly and as expected. but i still get a projucer.sln that builds juce 7.0.0 instead of whatever is the latest version

JUCE 7.0.0 is the latest version.

huh? but then how to distinguish the initial release from all these latest changes?

@Daniel: if you haven’t checked, why comment? Why guess about dead-ends?

I have happily applied the standard git operations and have no issues.

Ah sorry, I thought you were stuck with a commit before the last one. I must have misread.

About the version numbers, I had a discussion here:

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Shall we remove our comments?

ok everyone, i just tested my plugin and that bug (from my other post) is gone, so apparently this is indeed the latest juce develop. it is just a bit misleading that it has the same version number than the initial release. i don’t have time to read that discussion now. probably some good reasons in there why it’s done like this, but it can be confusing, that’s for sure.