Juce OWN plugin format?

Just wondering on this, as I´m going to use Juce to create modules that I load on my code. I´m using the VST format, so each module is just a VST file. BUT, I wonder, how about a Juce Plugin Format that doesn´t require any third-party files like the VST format does? :wink:

If this is already possible, I just need to figure it out, as I did check but couldn´t find anything…

Best Regards, WilliamK

A juce plugin format is something I’m actively considering, as I have a couple of ideas that could go beyond what the existing formats are capable of, but nothing concrete as yet.

But for now, why not something just simple but that is not a VST? :wink: :wink: Them with time you improve it? :wink: :mrgreen: