Juce Plugin example not recognized in garage band?

Hello, i just take the plugin called MIDILogger provided in Projucer/Open_Example/Plugins JUCE/MidiLogger.
I compile all the targets with Xcode. The StandAlone app works well, the AU plugins works in JucePluginHost but i don’t see it in GarageBand.
I should forget something important, but what please?

Seems like GarageBand doesn’t support MIDI plugins as Logic does, and the JUCE example MIDI Logger is an AU MIDI plugin (which as far as I’m aware only work in Logic).

The Surge Team MIDI logger at least loads into GarageBand, I haven’t tested it beyond that though if you need to see the MIDI stream in GarageBand. If what you were trying to achieve was either just testing that particular example, or MIDI plugins in general in GarageBand then I think you’re out of luck. :frowning:

Thanks Asimilion,
i try to develop some JUCE Midi (and/or Audio) plugin that works with garage band. So i first tested the examples given by JUCE. I observed that the Gain Plugin works with GarageBand, but not the MidiLogger. I don’t understand why? Is it a question of configuration? what are exactly the limitations or requirements? is it written somewhere?
But it seems that you suggests to use Logic Pro instead, that accepts all plugins?
Or can i start from some example that works as the Midi Monitor, and progress continuously from it?
I am new with this kind of development, so i am very happy for your advice and explanation.

Yeah I think if you want to develop a MIDI plugin of some sort then you’ll need any other DAW than GarageBand. Audio plugins work fine in it, but “true” MIDI plugins do not (Logic Pro has a specific slot just for MIDI plugins, other DAWs accept MIDI plugins just like any other plugin, but most require some routing tricks to get the MIDI output into another plugin, I suggest looking at the manual for Riffer to see how this works in different DAWs).

Thanks for this information. If i understand, Garage band plugin accepts Midi as input, but not output, so midi->midi is not possible.
But garageband can do midi → audio (e.g. synthe) or audio->audio (e.g. filter or audio effect) and more generally (mid,audio) → audio.
Logic pro has no limitation: any (midi, audio) → (midi,audio) is possible?
I will have a look at your projects github to learn more. Thanks again.