JUCE powered MIDI monitor (VST and EXE)

Bithead’s JUCE-Powered MIDI Monitor

DLL and EXE are in the zip along with the source. Yeah, it’s kinda lame…but it works pretty well. Only handles default midi input. Note that the Setup button is non-functional…still gotta write the dialog.


Here’s a more functional version of Bithead’s JUCE-powered Midi Monitor.

This has descriptive text along with the time stamp and bytes for each message. Also passes the midi data through instead of eating it.

Prebuilt DLL and EXE are included along with the source. Enjoy the creamy (but low-fat!) goodness.

Oh, the bar that the Text Buttons (Clear,About) are on is draggable onto the desktop…The little black rectangle at the left is the dragger…the mouse will change when you hover over it. This works great in the EXE but the VST has problems with it…

But where are the following files?
DemoJuceFilter.h (and .cpp)
juce_AudioFilterBase.h (and .cpp)


Sorry, I’ve found them in JuceAudioPlugin.

I’ve tried MyVSTPlug with Nuendo2.2.
When I get the arrange and mixer window focus the edit view of the plug disappears.


While Tracktion can’t read MyVSTPlugin