Juce project links?

Just messing with my website, I noticed that on the downloads page there’s only one project under “3rd party juce projects”…

Some of you lot must have some other things I could add to list by now?

all my juces is belonging to employer.

haydxns got plugs and stuff. mainly advertised on RMS at KVR (remember that place? :wink: )

someone did an environment variable editor.

i’ll have a proper app finished in a few weeks (fingers crossed!) but for now the only jucey things i’ve finished and made available are here on my tools page…


not sure if they’re worth linking to tho of course :hihi:

You can put Twindy and Niall’s Pedal Board up there if you want. They’re both still kind of work-in-progress (Twindy more so than the Pedal Board), but should be pretty stable (though the Pedal Board code’s horrible :oops:).

  • Niall.

incidentally, the link you already have there is a top one :slight_smile: credit to the guy who coded that, it’s proved really useful

ta very much - I’ve added those. Keep 'em coming!

http://pyjuce.tuxfamily.org ?