Juce questions (graphics and svg)


How good is juce for graphics?

  1. I want create program with possibilities similar to Inkspace. Create vector graphics with gradients and some effects, like blur path or objects and etc… import svg and edit, It is poosible with Juce?
  2. I searched on forum for svg, and found some topics, but it was all old topic. What is possible import from svg now? It is possible import gradients and blured objects?
  3. It is possible use another library with Juce? For example NanoVG (vector graphic for OpenGL)

I am interest on vsti too, that is why I am learning Juce now.

PS. If I add numbers, it automaticly add numberList (forum) and when I have new line space:


then it create this:
space 1.
space 2.

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JUCE supports loading SVGs into its DrawableComposite structures and drawing them. Most SVG features are supported, but some features, like masks, aren’t.