Juce renders colors differently from Photoshop/Illustrator


Hi all:

I’ve noticed that my Juce plugin windows render colors differently than the same color as found in Illustrator, or an image in Photoshop. Putting my plugin next to an image that uses that same background color in either of those Adobe apps results in a somewhat different hue. The same is true of the Jucer - if I import an image with a desired background color into the Jucer, it will match with the intended RGB color, but it looks like a different hue.

Any idea what is going on? This is by no means a showstopper for me (my first Juce plugin is a few hours away from being totally done), but it is kinda weird.


Sean Costello


embedded Color profile issue ?


it’s worth pointing out that colours in adobe apps tend to be different to most other apps, not just juce apps. If you are really worried, try checking with a different imaging app (heck, even paint), or loading the test image in a web browser or basic image viewer. I’d be very surprised if you still see a difference.