Svg render problem


i made a simple wireframe image in InkScape, just a few lines in perspective with colour

inkscape format:
non inkscape format:

both get a orange filling somehow ? if you have firefox the render is ok just click on those links

this is how juce renders it:
this is a JUCER component i did no modifications to it, the same thing is in jucer, weird ? why orange and why every second.


maybe you could recommend some other vector-base drawing program, cause i tried all possibilites in Inkscape and still i get the orange-filling.


there’s nothing wrong with inkscape :slight_smile: i just opened that SVG file, and your path is set to have a semi-transparent red fill… precisely the colour your object is being drawn with!

your lines are joined into a single path, yet they’re still individual lines. I’m not really surprised that juce is getting it wrong, but i guess it does highlight a slight bug. Still, the real problem lies with your SVG.

just select your object in inkscape and remove the fill from it [you can right-click the fill colour in the bottom left corner of the screen to do this]


heh i didn’t see that, i dunno how did that get orange. i just used the perspective tool, oh well it’s fixed thanks.

however Firefox is rendering this differently then juce that’s for sure, also GIMP and Inkscape show it differently.