Color Management issue and solution on mac

Hi Guys,

Images like jpg or png can embed custom color profile.
Currently there is no support for this.
So for example an image can be displayed differently in Preview(osx) and in Juce. Of Course I’m not talking about very subtle difference
but quite noticeable one.

for examples:

Open those image in Preview and in the Jucer, you’ll understand what I mean.
The Ducati one has been tweaked to underline differences.
It displayed blue in non color managed application and green in correct one.

So far I’ve come up with a not portable solution
It adds a Juce image file format based on the Image I/O framework on mac which handle embed profile.

That add support for other file format on the mac too like jpeg2000, tiff
and RAW camera format. So might not be that bad anyway.

What do you think ?


Is there anybody out there ?

Sounds cool - too busy to have a look at the moment though!

I have successfully enabled color management on Windows too.

I have added an image loader which use gdi+ and using the right function
it display right colors.

Need some cleanup though.

Let me know when you got some time jules, see if we can merge this into trunk in the future.