Juce / tracktion marketplace


Wow!  Great work Jules.  

I weas hoping something like this would show up eventually.


Just a few thoughts/questions ....

1 - I see you will accept samples/loops/tracks.  Will this be in the form of packs or more granular (individual tracks/samples).  Will you have previews for the user?  Will you alow samplesto be purchased by non-tracktion users?

2 - Will you have trial periods, or some other way for users to demo a plugin before buying it?  It wouldn't be hard for the store itself to manage some sort of 30 day trial period for all plugins.  Or, for those of us with our own 30 day trial/registration process ... will you allow us to just distribute our free (locked) demo plugs.

3 - Are there plans to build some classes for in-App browsing?  That is .. managing purchases from the store from within our programs?  So, if I build a DAW, can I then allow users to browse the store from within the DAW, and purchase Traktion samples/etc ?

Looking forward to it!  I'll definitely submit some plugins.


Great, looking forward to having your plugins on there!

Yes, we'll take samples in any form you want to sell 'em! If the site doesn't seem to support something you're trying to do, let us know and we'll try to figure that out.

You should be able to implement a 30-day trial yourself if that's the plan you want - we've not done any code specifically to check the time, but if the user hasn't yet unlocked the plugin, then you could just enable/disable it based on your own record of when it was installed. I don't think this would be something you'd need the store itself to help with.

Hadn't considered supplying any browsing components for other apps, but it's an interesting idea! Not sure how easily that could be separated from our tracktion codebase though.. Might be a bit hard to disentangle!


Well, if you can put together a simple API, just something that responds to HTTP requests with Json objects, it's pretty easy from there.


In other words .... it would be easy for us 3rd party host developers to write out a listbox that populates itself with some search results from the store.  Of course, you then need to provide download links, and manage the process, and figure out how the purchasing works, etc.


But still ... I think it would be a great opportunity.  I know I would love to embed a store within my software.

What we're doing for tracktion itself is embedding a web-browser that'll show a small version of the marketplace website, and then intercepting downloads so that tracktion can automatically recognise and install the items that get downloaded.


And will you mind if other folks do the same?  That is, will you provide the friendly website URL, and a rough sketch of what you do for handling downloads?

I would love to implement that!  And it could only help Tracktion to have other gateways.  Yeah?

Absolutely - we want as many people to use it as possible, with or without tracktion itself!

In it's current state I wouldn't recommend this 100%,

I've been interested in the Tracktion marketplace since day one, and I finally sent my first mail to one of the contact persons 18th of january and I didn't get a single response,

then i tried again to a second contact person, without any response.. after contacting jules I finally got a response and after he forwarded my mail I got in touch with someone who could give me a quick summary about the marketplace and if I had any questions he were happy to help.

I actually had some follow up questions and now after 13 days there's still no reply from these guys.

A simple "Sorry, your questions are too difficult/stupid to answer at this moment" would have helped.


I'm sorry for writing this on the forum, but if we had a contract and I sent you a mail asking e.g. "where's our money?", would I get a reply or am I supposed to sit here and wait for another two weeks?


My company is small, and any obstacles like this would be a deal-braker for sure, especially if this was a "live situation".

I love JUCE and all the stuff Jules does, but the marketplace (not directly JUCE i guess), has some communication child-diseases that they need to get rid of ASAP or you're going to have a hard time getting and keeping clients.


Edit: I got my reply, it looks like I forgot to include everyone in my last mail to them. Sorry for the drama :)