Tracktion 3rd-party development call-to-arms!

Hear ye! The Tracktion marketing dept has an announcement that may be of interest to developers!

We are very excited to announce a new business opportunity for developers of creative tools (plugins, instruments, loop libraries, etc.) that are seeking a new commercial distribution channel.

We are in development of a new marketplace-style service that will enable developers and creative enthusiasts alike to sell their products, services, and creative assets within the Tracktion global user community.  This cloud-based service will have an intuitive, simple integration with the Tracktion software environment that will eliminate time-consuming searches for creative tools & assets, thereby bringing greater overall efficiency and richness to the Tracktion user experience.  In tandem with that effort, we will be doubling the overall market footprint of the Tracktion user base over the coming year, adding many more enthusiastic eyeballs to the existing pool of dedicated users.  Simply put, we are building the foundation for you to make money with your products and services.

To make things even more compelling for existing JUCE developers, we'll be releasing a JUCE authentication module to handle all the housekeeping associated with user registration/unlocking. This eliminates the headaches of building and maintaining your own user registration system and running your own commercial webserver as the back-end for it.  So you can start selling your products & services in a fraction of the time and cost, and start generating revenue faster than you could otherwise.

At this stage, we are looking for interested parties to participate in an early-adopter program such that their offerings are available via this new service upon launch.  We would like to interact directly with each party to ensure their product/service is properly listed and accommodated.  Therefore we request that any interested parties please contact us directly at so we can share additional details and get the process started.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support, and hope this new service can help put some coin back into your pockets!

Team Tracktion