Tracktion Marketplace soon to launch!

Hello plugin developers!

We’ve noticed an increasing number of posts relating to the juce_tracktion_marketplace and plugin licensing systems recently and just wanted to remind everyone that we will shortly be launching the Tracktion Marketplace.

Tracktion Marketplace takes care of all the tricky e-commerce and web back end tasks for you so there’s no need to write your own web server. All you have to do is upload your builds and some basic info about them.

If you’ve already added your own authentication via the juce_tracktion_marketplace module, adding an option to register via Tracktion Marketplace should be as simple as adding a button which determines which website to contact. This means you can still be a part of Marketplace even if you’re selling via somewhere else at the moment.

On top of all the obvious benefits we’ve also got some rather cool ideas for plugin delivery in the future.. Get in touch if you want to know more as we’re not quite ready to go public with these details yet.

Look forward to hearing from you!