JUCE tutorial: 'Processing audio input' with external soundcard


I am working on the JUCE tutorial: ‘Processing audio input’. It works fine with my macbook’s built in microphone and speakers but i want to try it with my external soundcard RME fireface. I have a AudioDeviceSelectorComponent displaying and allowing me to change outputs and inputs while the program is running. The test function in AudioDeviceSelectorComponent outputs sound to my external sound card, and the input level meter is responding to microphone connected to the external soundcard. But no sound is getting in or out within the program.

Any suggestions to what i am doing wrong?

Additional question: My end goal is to naively implement some cross correlation calculations in realtime, using 3 inputs on my external sound card, using the ‘Processing audio input’ tutorial as a template. Is this realistic?

Thank you.

Could you share some code showing how you’re using the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent?

What happens if you switch audio devices manually? Have you looked at the code for the Audio Settings tab in the Juce Demo project?

That sounds realistic to me, and quite fun :slight_smile: