Juce vc8 project file is corrupt


I just got the latest Juce tip (rev 684) but visual studio can’t seem to open the vc8 project file, i managed to op en the vc6 project without problems though and it succesfully converted that to an vc8 project.
Just to let you know.


Ah, I might have accidentally checked in a VC9 format - sorry. I’m flipping between both versions of VC here, so it’s easy to forget which version I’ve currently set it to.

It’s easy to fix though - just open the project file in notepad and change “9.0” to “8.0”. I’ll make sure the older version’s checked in when I get a moment.


OK, cool. I also have some problems in OSX at the moment.
The jucedemo won’t run, compiler complaints that no executable is specified and the Jucer complaints about missing _SetSytemUIMode.


Not surprising that if it doesn’t compile then you can’t run it! Add Carbon to your list of frameworks and it’ll link ok.


I’m talking about two different project here, the Demo and the Jucer.
The Jucer misses _SetSytemUIMode (is that a carbon thing?).
The demo doesn’t give an error or gives a clue where to look for. So need i add Carbon to both projects?


Yeah, it’s an annoying function that’s still in Carbon, and there’s no equivalent yet in cocoa. So even on a 64-bit platform, it looks like an app will still need to link to Carbon just to get that function.

The latest demo project should include all the correct frameworks - maybe you’ve got an older version.