JUCEApplication w/lambdas

Would it be possible to extend the JUCEApplication class to take lambdas instead of overriding methods? It seems like it would be trivial to do, just wondering if there are any specific reasons this should be avoided.

Are you asking whether we can do it, or whether you can do that yourself?

Lambdas are probably a good way of implementing this kind of thing, and if they’d existed 10 years ago I might well have used them for it!

For us to change the way it works now would be a big breaking change for everyone though, so unlikely to be something we do unless we decide to do some more serious re-architecting of the app launch system.

I meant “are there any hidden drawbacks” before I made my own class to do that. Looks like the answer is no.

I agree that it would be unnecessary in JUCE though.