JuceDemo Bugs on Fedora 28/modern Linux

I know this has been asked before, but not for a while I don’t think. I have just tried JuceDemo on Fedora 28 (where Wayland is the default desktop session). There seem to be a few problems, even when trying with GDK_BACKEND=x11 which I found recommended somewhere.

  • The menu bar icon appears floating somwhere near the top left of the screen. No where near the menubar.
  • I am not sure what is happening with HiDPI scaling and JUCE apps.
  • All mouse clicks go right through apps without GDK_BACKEND=x11
  • The app doesn’t have any name or icon in the menubar (it says unknown).
  • Opening a JUCE app a few times just crashed gnome-shell.

EDITED: Got some more consistent results from GDK_BACKEND=x11

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AFAIK, JUCE isn’t regularly tested (or tested at all?) on non-Debian platforms, nor Wayland.

Did you ever find out more about the necessities behind the declaration of GDK_BACKEND=x11? What about the other issues?

I was looking to start playing around with the latest Fedora to potentially drop Ubuntu and the liking. Would be good to know where issues still lurk!

I haven’t messed around with it since really. I guess it just isn’t a supported platform. Writing a Wayland windowing backend is probably a lot of work. If I do pick it up again I will do some digging on why XWayland wasn’t working for me without the GDK_BACKEND thing.