Jucedemo IPad OK iPhone 4 KO

I’m new to iphone development. I tried the jucedemo.
I could build it and run it on iPad simulator but it doesn’t work on iPhone 4 simulator. It starts and stop immediately.
I build my project based on the jucedemo. I have the same: working on iPad Simulator and not on iPhone.
It first crashes on a ImageCache::getFromMemory. I removed the lines and it crashes few step afterwards on a CustomTypeFace constructor.
I use the tip from today and ios sdk 4.0.2.
Is there anything to twick on the juce project to let it run on iphone simulator ?

We’ve hit this one before - it’s an Apple simulator bug:


I’ve got a workaround for it now, which I’ll check in later today…

I’m missed this one sorry :oops: I will wait for the update.