JuceDemo - OpenGL issues on Android 2.3.6 / 4.3 (somewhat Newbie)

I've eventually managed to get Juce apps to build and (mostly) run on Android, which is fantastic given my newb-ness in Android dev.

I'm not experienced at OpenGL either (even my Win7 PC has a non-functional OpenGl driver :( ), so I'm really unsure whether what I'm saying is just my quirky environment's funnies or if others are having the same issues.

I did manage to get the JuceDemo OpenGl page to function on my SGS (1), but the same APK doesn't render at all on a Nexus 7 (pre 2013, 4.3.1) (JuceDemo Built with Minimum SDK version:  API level 10 - Android Platform 2.3.3).

Recently, that demo stopped animating on the SGS unless I touch the screen. If I touch the SGS screen, the polygon rotates and animates (it used to animate by itself, but stopped sometime in the past few weeks or so)

I'm unsure if it's a Juce bug or due to updates installed.



Ah... Re: JuceDemo's very sluggish on Samsung Galaxy S3 : http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/jucedemos-very-sluggish-samsung-galaxy-s3?page=1

in your java activity do this:


 public OpenGLView createGLView()
            OpenGLView glView = new OpenGLView (getContext());

            // magic spell !!!

            addView (glView);
            return glView;