Some OpenGL issues

The  JuceDemo's rotating cube is not shown on android builds.

Here is screenshot of JuceDemo on Windows:

And on my Galaxy Note 2 (Android 4.1.1):

Rotating cube is not displayed. Why?
Is the polygonal graphics actually been rendered?

And I've just noticed another strange thing with OpenGL drawing.
Here is another screenshot of JuceDemo on my android device.

Look at enlarged fragment. There are some artifacts on sliders and text. I think it's result of image interpolation which is done by OpenGL. May be size of frame buffer differs with the size of component being drawn?

Sorry if this was said before on this forum, but the issues remain unfixed.

A totally rewritten new demo app with GL shader demos etc is very nearly ready, so no point in worrying about the current one right now!

Thanks, Jules!
I really need to update my local copy of JUCE.
But is the described interpolation issue fixed? I’ve noticed it not only in JuceDemo project. Any component with attached OpenGLContext is displayed with these artifacts.

A serious issue with the lastest Juce/JuceDemo on Android:


- Start Juce Demo

- Select "Graphics:OpenGL"

-Select "Graphics:Image Formats"'


It freezes the screen, and if I press the home button, I get a permanent stuck image of the crashed app in my home's brackground (quite serious as I said), until I kill the app.






I've noticed the same behaviour of new demo app. Actually this is not a JuceDemo bug, it's a problem of any component with OpenGLContext attached. The problem was partially solved by user 'hugh', but there are still cases when the app hangs.

Also the 3d model (teapot) is not displayed on android build of new JuceDemo.