Juceheader.h and AppConfig.h missing in newer versions

i just started working on a project based on an older Juce version (3.x ?) containing JuceHeader.h and AppConfig.h. The header file is absolutely needed for the project to compile.

Is it safe/possible to keep using these Headers with newer versions or would you recommend to change all the affected references?

Thanks in advance for your help.

The headers are still there: they are created by the Projucer and put into your JuceLibraryCode folder of your .jucer project.

Some has changed for me too. Can’t figure it. The Projucer (4.30) has stopped creating the AppConfig.h.

Ouch! Can’t reproduce this here. Anything special about your system. Which OS is this?

I’m getting this too. It’s really unpredictable, I can’t seem to figure it out. Sometimes it creates it other times not.
4.2.4, OSX

Also, sometimes it won’t create the BinaryData files. I have to change the asset folder to ‘xcode resource’ and back or it won’t do it.

Also maybe it does create them, but doesn’t add them to the project. I don’t know. It’s weird…and really, really frustrating of course.

Are you on a slow computer? We had similar issues a while back where xcode would randomly not pick-up all the changes we write to the project. We had to add this nasty workaround. We were never really sure what the underlying cause of the bug was. Can you try increasing that wait time in that sleep?

No, fast computer. It’s actually not creating the BinaryData or the AppConfig. Tried increasing the delay. No effect.

It was a bloody corrupt file system! Just my luck.
Sorry for wasting your time…