JucePlugin_ARADocumentArchiveID flag update in the projucer

I don’t know if that important or not (I don’t use ARA), but I noticed that changing the “project version number” and resaving/reexporting does not update the flag JucePlugin_ARADocumentArchiveID in JuceLibraryCode/JucePluginDefines.h.

say JucePlugin_ARADocumentArchiveID is com.MyCompany.MyPlugin.aradocumentarchive.1.0.0
If you set the version to 2.0.0 and resave/export, the flag isn’t updated.

You have to close and re-open the projucer project after saving and before re-exporting for the new version number to be taken into account and JucePlugin_ARADocumentArchiveID to be changed to com.MyCompany.MyPlugin.aradocumentarchive.2.0.0