Jucer feature requests

  1. Add “move by arrow keys” to graphical elements. Today only subcomponents can be nudged by the arrow keys.
  2. Don’t clamp coordinates of paths to nearest integer when generating code (i.e. 112.5 becomes 112.0f), this makes it impossible to generate a true 1 pixel wide line
    since a line (path) drawn at integer coordinates will smear out over 2 pixels.

Btw. I tested with the tip :wink:

Understood, but I’m not doing any more work on the old jucer - there’s no point when I’m in the middle of writing its replacement…

Well… then its feature requests for the replacement… :wink:

In the new one, there’ll actually be no difference between graphics and components - you’ll be able to mix them up and edit them all in the same way. (That’s why I’ve been writing all the new affine transform stuff and converting drawables to be components).

So at this point, what’s missing to change Component bounds to float instead of int? that’s the next logical step isn’t?

That’s certainly a logical step, but it may cause a lot of type conversion warnings with existing code!

Of course it’s now possible to position components with sub-pixel precision using the new transform stuff, but I will probably convert the bounds to floating-point in the future.