Some more on the wishlist

I’ve been using the Jucer again and thought about some small additions that could greatly enhance productivity.

  • being able to replace an existing subcomponent by another one while keeping all the properties which are common to all jucer components: name, location, size, tooltip… (Right-Click->Replace->list of components)

  • Editing position/size of multiple selected components at once with the mouse and/or by manually entering the surrounding rectangle dimensions

  • Aligning selected components vertically/horizontally

  • equally distributing selected components positions vertically/horizontally inside their bounding rectangle.

Nice ideas, I’ll note them down, though I’m even busier than normal at the moment, so unlikely to get round to it any time soon!

yeah… write’em down Jules…
also, could be interesting to have the possibility to select if a colour property: - is fixed (thus evaluated runtime as “Colour(xxx)” as usual)

  • or be initialized from a Colour member in the Component (when u want to have getters and setters methods)
  • or be evaluated as an external String (think when using a globally defined ColourScheme)

this way you don’t have to manually edit paint method for change my background graphics gradients to follow a user definable colour scheme…


ah another simple thing that i’ve noticed… using the arrow keys let you move the components, but not the graphics elements… is that wanted ?

Probably just an oversight - I’ll take a look when I get chance…

a smallie request:

can we have a //[PreUserPaint] and //[PostUserPaint] instead of a single //[UserPaint] done after all internal jucer painting ? i have to share a common background between some jucer components and i shouldn’t place a empty component underneath just to paint a background…

this, and the possibility to use a named property Colour (put “myMemberColour” or “getColour (MyInternalColourID)” instead of putting fixed “Colour (r,g,b)” calls in the paint code) would be great features !!

Sure, I’ll add a pre-paint block. Already had a note of the request for named colours, I think.

thanx :slight_smile: