Jucer vs. The Jucer - confusing?

Using the Jucer for a little while now, I thought it’d be good to rename at least one of the two Jucers, as they get easily confused:

  • “The Jucer” - used for project configuration
  • “jucer” used for component layout

I find it very difficult to tell them apart in the Mac “Recent Items” menu.

A fantastic step forward would also be to eventually integrate the two into one. Eventually storing the component layout meta data in a separate XML file too (double-clickable from the Finder/Explorer).

Just wanted to share this thought.

I totally agree, and have plans to do exactly that…!

Is there a way to get new GUI components into the Jucer? For example, I’d like to build knobs, dials, and so forth and be able to place them into layouts through the jucer

Only by writing your own handler for it and adding it to the jucer itself, I’m afraid. C++ doesn’t really offer enough reflection abilities to do it any more dynamically.