Key press forcing multiple mouse clicks

JUCE 3.2, Windows 10

1. Open JUCE Demo

2. Go into Synthesisers

3. Click a key with your mouse

4. Play a few keys with your computer's QWERTY keyboard.

5. Without moving the mouse, click the key again and it won't press. You'll have to click it a few times to get it to respond.

I'm finding this happens 90% of the time, so to recreate it you might have to run through those steps a couple times. And this happens with other Components as well. You can go into the Tabs & Widgets section and try it there. Just click any button, combobox, slider, etc, press a few keys and try to click it again and most of the time it requires multiple mouse clicks.

This is particularly un-user-friendly for a synth app like mine where the user might be playing the synth with their QWERTY keyboard and adjusting knobs, comboxes etc between key presses. Every time they play a note, they have to press the next control multiple times, or move the mouse around before clicking it.

Windows only. Mac doesn't have this behavior.

Is there a way around this?

Any ideas?

We're actually going to be completely re-writing and refactoring the MIDI keyboard state and component classes for V4, as we'll be implementing support for some new midi features, so this will all change.

The problem is probably due to having interlocking up/down events coming from the mouse/keyboard/midi input at the same time. We'll have to figure out how best to deal with that in our new rewrite, but probably not worth us trying to fix it in the current code.

Got it. Looking forward to V4!