Latest Projucer creates VST target for iOS (AUv3) build of plugin?

With the latest Projucer that was automatically downloaded yesterday, suddenly a VST target is being created alongside with the standalone and AUv3 target when creating an iOS exporter. I assume this is a bug?

It’s actually not a bug. You can create a vst plug-in dylib for iOS and put it in your application bundle. You can then load this vst inside your iOS app.

Unfortunately, apple will reject such an app if you upload it to the app store but it will work on development iOS devices (and jailbroken phones). We are not sure how useful this is and will probably remove it again. If you don’t want the VST module simply disable the VST checkbox in the jucer file.

Thanks! I do want VST support, but only for the desktop targets (I really like being able to build basically the same plugin for desktop and mobile). I’ve tried to remove the target in the iOS project in XCode but it crashed the IDE. MIght indeed be a good idea to remove this, I can’t see a use case really if it gets rejected in the app store.

OK I’ve reverted this commit on develop. Unfortunately, it needs a re-build of the Projucer. If I don’t hear any complaints in the next few days then I’ll push this as a hot-fix to master and rebuild the Projucer binaries. Thanks for reporting!

Just wondering: has this been completed?

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Yes this has been completed.

Ok, it’s on “develop”… which is fine, I just thought it’d be on master since you mentioned a hotfix.