Layout of JUCE applications messed up when using extrenal screens

So, i was recently running a demonstration using an external screen to mirror my laptop screen (using the DisplayPort/HDMI of my laptop).

As soon as i used the external screen, JUCE applications became somewhat unsuable. Fonts were too big and cropped, the layout was completely messed up, and it was impossiple to click on anything in the dropdown menus.

It happened with the Introjucer as well as with the audio plugin host example.

When the external screen is disconnected, things are running fine again.

Any ideas on how to prevent this ?

On which distribution are you? JUCE will respect per-monitor scaling factors. For example, on Ubuntu you can change the scaling factor (or monitor resolution) in System Settings -> Displays.

I'm using Arch Linux, and use xrandr to set the resolution ... usually, 'xrandr --auto' does the job. 

The strange thing is, the resolution on my laptop screen is the same, but the layout is messed up on my laptop screen (AND on the external screen as well).

It's the first time i've seen this behaviour ... all other applications i use work fine ...