Library (i.e. DLL) functionality missing

I am writing a VST plugin in JUCE and it seems that for an executable all is there but not for a DLL.

I need to get the DLL full path file name in order to locate my configuration file and there is no functions to get it. There is getCurrentExecutableFileName () that get the directory for the current proocess.

Maybe it will be nice to have a Library class that does some DLL specific code, maybe even more the LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress to this class instead of the Process class.

For now I will use platform specific code…

EDIT (while writing own code): In the File object there are members to get file seperator and you construct a file from relative or absolute path but there is not method for constructing a file from file path and file name. Something like the internal parseAbsolutePath() but without assuming current directory. I am also missing a method to get the file directory path and not the full path.

BTW I am still waiting for the TreeView::nodeSelectionChanged() to be implemented…i a few days i will need to figure out how to do it myself or just use a timer and get the current selection every few sec :roll:

Yes, I might add something to get the library’s filename when I get a moment.

Not sure what you mean about the File class - there are plenty of methods for all the things you mentioned. Note that you should never actually need to use file separators yourself - instead use getChildFile(), getSiblingFile(), getParentDirectory(), etc to construct files based on other files.

Thanks, you are right about the File methods I guess the names parent and child confused me a bit but I used it and it works fine.

If you have a moment I rather have the TreeView::nodeSelectionChanged() implemented since I already wrote the DLL stuff and until the Mac version I don’t need anything else :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know about the treeview stuff, but I think I need to redesign it rather than just add a method. I’m currently pondering over the best way of doing it…

take your time :slight_smile:

I am now all over your XML stuff so I have still lot to do…