License question(s)


I have read some license question here on forum, but may be something has changed because of JUCE aquisition by ROLI.  So here we are:

1) Working as a freelancer for a company - who has to purchase the comercial JUCE license? Me (who writes the code using JUCE) or the company which is going to sell the product? I assume the company... ?

2) Is it ok to purchase the comercial license just before release/beta testing phase and use GPL for developement phase?

Thanks for answers!

may I add another similar question :

If I develop an application and sell the executable (not the code, which I keep for myself) to another company which will then sell it : I'm the only one who have to pay the license right? the other company just buy an executable and distribute/sell it, so I don't think they have to buy the license, but please confirm.




Yes - the licence explicitly allows the comiled binary to be re-distributed.

1) Yes - the company. Anyone who takes some private code, builds it with JUCE and then distributes the resulting binary would need a license.

2) Sure - the GPL specifically allows you to work on a project privately if you don't actually distribute anything.