Licensing question for internal use only


I would like to use JUCE for an internal, closed-source project in my organisation. This tool would not be published for use outside of the company. Reading the FAQ about licensing, I found the following answer:

" If you are not “propagating” or “conveying” closed-source software containing JUCE outside of your organisation then you may not be violating the terms of the GPLv3. The creation and use of “in-house” tools and the internal development of “pre-release” software (before it goes out to external testers) is usually permitted under the GPLv3."

Would I be correct to assume that I would not need a JUCE License for this internal project? The wording in the FAQ is kind of vague, so I am asking here to make sure to not violate the Licensing Agreement.

Thanks, Raphael

Unfortunately we can’t provide legal advice, but your use-case does sound like it would be permissable under the GPLv3. The only way to make absolutely sure is to read the text of the GPLv3, and to ensure that you abide by all of its terms.