Question regarding licensing for development if internal/in-house tools


First of all, apologies if this forum -- General JUCE discussion -- is not the most appropriate to post my question.


I would like to use JUCE to implement some in-house development tools.

These tools are part of our internal development and will not be shipped with our final products; in addition, no JUCE code will be used in our actual commercial products.

How do the licensing rules apply with regard to these conditions?


Thank you in advance,



Hi Hughes, thanks for your interest!

Actually the GPL allows people to use it for internal purposes, it's only if you try to release public binaries that would require a license.

Hi Jules,

Thank you for the prompt reply.


Anyway, I will still make sure to have them include in our budget a full license of JUCE. :)

Our way to say thanks for the great work!



Thanks very much, hope you enjoy using it!