Link errors with AAX on Mac

I'm trying to build an AAX version of my plugin on OS X and everything compiles but I'm getting a bunch of link errors for missing STL templates that are referenced by the AAX library.

Lots of this kind of stuff:

std::string::c_str() const;

std::string::empty() const;


They all appear to be missing so I suspect that the pertinent libraries are not being linked in, maybe due to an incorrect path or something similar. So far I've compiled the AAX libraries and checked AAX on the IntroJucer GUI for my plugin. Not sure what else is required to build this. I'm fairly new to the AAX framework so any help would be appreciated.

In your Xcode project… what C++ Language options have you selected?

These are what I use:

Compile the libraries with the same settings.


I will give it a try. Thanks!

This works. Thanks!