Linking External Libraries like aubio and rtaudio

Hello Everyone! I am trying to use aubio and followed the instructions in a youtube clip I found that advise dragging and dropping the folder containing the source code in the file explorer source folder. I placed the source folder path in the ‘extra library search paths’ section of the debug section of the exporters. Got a truck load of errors. On the aubio website it has a dll link. Could this be included in the project instead? The DynamicLibrary class looks simple but is it really as simple as using the open() method of this class. This is probably very basic but I am stuck. I just want to use aubio or rtaudio or even drowaudio and can’t find any documentation for this. Help anyone?

You probably don’t need RtAudio since JUCE does everything that RtAudio does.

aubio has installation instructions. Basically download the repo, build the binary, and I’m guessing the installation script moves the header/lib to your PATH.

drow audio is just a 3rd party JUCE module, all you need to do is download it and add its path to the “3rd party module path” in the Projucer settings

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It doesn’t seem to be actively developed anymore and might not work with the latest JUCE.

Thanks for the reply. I followed the instructions on the link you gave and ran the install. How do I incorporate into my JUCE project. I tried using #include <aubio/aubio.h> but the library’s functions and objects are not being recognised. What happens after install? Have you or anyone used aubio in a JUCE project? I would love a very very basic example :slight_smile:

You just need to add aubio to the “external libraries to link” field in the exporter settings of the projucer, once the library has been built and installed. Can confirm it works fine on MacOS