Linux DAW or host supporting VST

I’m trying to move some of my development to Ubuntu and I’m unable to find a decent DAW or other host that will support loading and running VST plugins. The JUCE audio plugin demo can load my plugin I can even bring up the UI but I can’t figure out how to send audio file data to it and play back the output. I tried Audacity but it crashes when I try to enable my plugin. Any ideas would be welcome.



If you want to play audio files in the JUCE plugin host (great for debugging):

(Shameless plug: I wrote this)

Ardour is often used as the baseline DAW on Linux:

Renoise is another commercial DAW on Linux, like Jules’ Traktion:

There’s also Bitwig, but from what has been posted on this forum it’s pretty useless for debugging. It’s also hella expensive:

Renoise and Ardour (and Traktion!) support native Linux VSTs.


Thanks for all the replies. I tried Ardour and it works perfectly. I’ll also try your plugin host when I get some time as I need something for debugging.

Thanks! I didn’t realize that Tracktion ran under Linux.